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FIFO is the abbreviation of first in first out. It is a first-in-first-out queue.Peripheral  control logic is responsible for reading from or writing to FIFO.


FIFO also provides many handshake signals that interact with the peripheral control logic. When FIFO is not full and write-enable is active, data is written to the FIFO storage queue at the rising edge of the CLK. A full flag indicates that FIFO is full and no more write operations will be executed.


When FIFO is not empty and read-enable is active, data is read from the FIFO storage queue at the rising edge of the CLK. An empty flag indicates FIFO is empty and no more read operations will be executed. Illegal requests will not affect FIFO. If a read request is initiated when the FIFO is empty or a write request is initiated when the FIFO is full, they will not have any influence on the data in FIFO. The operations will be ignored, and the overflow and underflow flags will be set. Users can determine whether the operation is illegal or not by monitoring these two signals. The water level signal will indicate how much effective data FIFO directly contains. Users can also customize empty or full flags by setting different thresholds.

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