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Arm DesignStart FPGA Program


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Easy Access to Arm Cortex-M Processors on FPGA

  • Reduce cost and time of FPGA designs with proven CPUs. 
  • No license fees and no royalty costs.
  • Simple to use


Arm DesignStart offers fast, low-cost access to a select mix of Arm IP, support, tools and design services to help companies design innovative custom chips and FPGA designs. The readily available software, operating systems and development tools offered through the Arm ecosystem, helps developers to massively reduce their development risk and accelerate time-to-market.


A part of the DesignStart program is DesignStart FPGA, which offers instant and free-of-cost access to Arm Cortex-M soft CPU IP for FPGA designs. There is no license fee and zero royalty associated with DesignStart FPGA so developers can get started with prototyping and designing commercial products instantly.


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Access a range of IP, services and support to make your next FPGA design a success.


Instant access and free use of Cortex-M1 soft IP on GOWIN FPGAs thru GOWIN’s EDA Tools.


Take advantage of the robust Arm ecosystem that includes software, libraries, tools, debuggers, RTOS (including uCOSIII and FreeRTOS) and more.


GOWIN supports Arm Keil tools as well as many development solutions for the Cortex M platform.


For the 90-day free trial of Keil MDK Essential, please mail to


For Arm Keil webpage, Please click here.


Arm DesignStart FPGA Quick Start Video

DesignStart FPGA Resources


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Click here to learn more about the Arm Cortex-M1 CPU

Documents Download
Gowin USB Type-C PD Protocol Hardware and Software Design Reference Manual Download
Gowin USB Type-C PD Protocol Hardware and Software Release Note Download
Gowin_EMPU_M1 Hardware Design Reference Manual Download
Gowin_EMPU_M1 Download Reference Manual Download
Gowin_EMPU_M1 Software Programming Reference Manual Download
Gowin_EMPU_M1 Quick Design Reference Manual Download
Gowin_EMPU_M1 Serial Port Debugging Reference Manual Download
Gowin_EMPU_M1 IDE Software Reference Manual Download
Gowin_EMPU_M1 Software and Hardware Reference Design Release Note Download