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SPDIF (Sony/Philips Digital Interface Format) is a kind of digital audio transmission Interface. It is widely used for optical fiber and coaxial line output. The audio signal can be output to decoder to maintain high fidelity, and it is widely used in DTS (Digital Theatre System).
In order to better serve FPGA users, reduce the difficulty of system development and improve the speed of product development, a low power general SPDIF Transmitter controller is designed to realize the function of SPDIF interface protocol and BMC coding.
After calling the SPDIF Transmitter controller in the software interface, it can be applied to GW1N, GW1NR, GW1NZ, GW2A, GW2AR and other series of FPGA products by using Gowin software.



  • The input working clock rate of the controller is SPDIF data transmission rate (i.e., audio sampling rate *64);
  • Supports 8khz~192Khz sampling rate;
  • Supports bit width of 16bit~24bit;
  • Supports IEC60958 (SPDIF) and AES3 PCM data transmission;
  • Lower power consumption
  • Can be synthesized.
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