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Gowin LVDS 7to1 TX RX

LVDS (low voltage differential signaling) 7:1 video interface is mainly used in LCD panel driver products. LVDS_7to1_TX IP is used to receive parallel video signal, and then convert it into LVDS signal for output. LVDS_7to1_RX IP is used to receive LVDS signal and then convert it into parallel video signal.

The design has these features:

- Support VESA and JEIDA standard

- Support RGB888 and RGB666

- Support One Channel and Two Channel,4 Lanes/Channel

- Single lane data rate can support the range of 80Mb/s~700Mb/s


Documents Download
- Gowin LVDS 7to1 RX RefDesign Download
- Gowin LVDS 7to1 TX RX IP User Guide Download
RefDesign Gowin LVDS 7to1 TX RefDesign Download