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I2C is a two-wire serial bus that is used to connect the micro-controller
with its peripherals.
Universal Asynchronous Receiver/Transmitter (UART) is part of
computer hardware that transmits data between serial and parallel
In order to reduce the difficulty of system development and improve
the speed of product development, Gowin I2C_UART IP is designed to
realize the function of interface conversion between I2C and UART.

  • Supports data communication of one I2C and UART;
  • I2C supports slave mode;
  • UART supports 4-wire mode with 1 stop bit, no paity and 8 bit width;
  • UART baud rate can be set flexibly by configuring registers;
  • Supports interrupt;
  • The depth is 64 bytes for UART transmitting FIFO;
  • The depth is 64 bytes for UART receiving FIFO;
  • The input clock must not be less than 10 times the input I2C data rate;
  • Can be synthesized;
  • The language is Verilog.
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