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Gowin SDIO Slave Controller IP provides users with a common SDIO Slave interface.It can be integrated into devices that require SDIO Slave and this connection can be used in a variety of applications.



  • Design is SDIO Slave Controller
  • Support SD Physical Layer Specification Version 4.00
  • Support SDIO Specification Version 4.00
  • Support 1 bit and 4bits SD transfer mode
  • Don’t support SPI transfer mode
  • Support Low-Speed and Full-Speed modes, the highest Speed supports 25MB/sec
  • Support UHS-I mode,support rates of SDR12、SDR25 and SDR50
  • UHS-I mode supports 1.8V voltage and voltage switching is not supported
  • SDIO Command types which are supported:

SD Mode: CMD0, CMD3, CMD5, CMD7, CMD11, CMD15, CMD19, CMD52, CMD53

  • Support automatic generation and validation of CRC7 and CRC16
  • Support Function0 and Function1
  • Support configuring IP using CPU Slave interface of user side
  • Support CMD52 and CMD53 interfaces of user side
  • Support interrupts of 1 bit mode and 4 bits mode and the interrupt of 4 bits mode doesn’t support Data Block Gap and Asynchronous Interrupt
  • Support functions of writing abort and reading abort
  • Don’t support Suspend/Resume functions
  • Don’t support Read Wait function
  • Don’t support Combo Card
  • Don’t support CSA
  • Don’t support DDR mode
  • Don’t support Card Detection


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