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Peripheral Component interconnection standard (PCI Target Interconnect) is widely used in the field of industrial control. Gowin PCI Target provides a solution for PCI applications by providing a customizable, 33MHz, 32bit PCI Target with support for the local bus specification and the PCI 2.2 protocol. It can implement PCI transport operations: configure read and write, single cycle read and write, burst read and write, and so on.。



  • Supports 32bit/33MHz PCI bus
  • Supports PCI 2.2 revision protocol. Accord with local bus specification
  • Parity error detection
  • Up to six Base Address Registers (BARs)
  • Supports single cycle read/write and burst read/write
  • Supports zero wait state transactions
  • Supports an interrupt signal from the back-end device to the PCI bus
  • Has parity error signals and system error signals
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User Guide Gowin PCI Target IP User Guide Download
Release Note Gowin PCI Target IP Release Note Download