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CAN2.0/FD Controller implements the CAN2.0A, CAN2.0B as well as newer high performance Non ISO CAN-FD protocols. It can be integrated into devices that require CAN connectivity commonly used in automotive and industrial applications.



  • Implements CAN2.0A and CAN2.0B protocol, ISO 11898-1 compliant
  • Supports CAN-FD
  • Non-ISO CAN FD - Compliant to Bosch Protocol
  • ISO FD - Compliant to ISO/DIS 11898-1
  • Independent System Clock(SYSCLK) and CAN Bus Clock(CANCLK)
  • SYSCLK is CPU interface Bus Clock, - AHB Clock in case of AHB Bus
  • CANCLK can either be independent or tied to SYSCLK
  • Flexible shared buffering scheme that implements optimal buffer size for storing Transmit and Receive messages in a given application
  • Total buffer size is parameterized - synthesis time option
  • Transmit buffer, receiver buffer and high-priority transmit buffer
  • CPU configurable depths for transmit, receive and high-priority transmit buffers
  • Parameterized number of Acceptance Filters - 1-16
  • AHB-Lite Slave Interface for connecting to CPU
  • Supports 32-bit interface
  • Programmable Baud Rate Prescalar (BRP)
  • Generate Time Quantum Clock from CANCLK
  • 8-bit BRP register to have div-by-4 up to div-by-255


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