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GOWIN I3C Single Clock


            Gowin I3C Single Clock IP is a general I3C bus communication controller. It complies with MIPI I3C V1.1 specification. Gowin I3C Single Clock IP provides REG interface and APB interface enabling users to control IP to communicate with I3C devices easily.



  • Compatible with MIPI I3C V1.1 specification
  • Supports SDR and DDR modes
  • SDR mode supports both master and slave, up to 12.5Mbps.
  • DDR mode supports master only, up to 25Mbps.
  • Supports address arbitration
  • Supports I3C common command code
  • dynamic address assignment
  • other optional CCC
  • Supports IBI and Hot-join
  • Can emit slave reset pattern
  • Backwards compatible with I2C Slave
  • Supports two user interfaces
  • APB Interface
  • REG Interface
Documents Download
RefDesign GOWIN I3C Single Clock RefDesign Download
User Guide Gowin I3C Single Clock IP User Guide Download