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4 JTAG interface Offline Programmer




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Gowin USB download cable is mainly used to download the bit stream file generated by Gowin Yunyuan software to Gowin FPGA chip or external storage device.



  •  Support Windows and Linux operating systems;
  •  Support all series of Gowin FPGA products;
  •  Download the bitstream file of the internal SRAM, on-chip Flash, and off-chip Flash via JTAG.
  • The USB interface supports USB1.0, USB2.0;
  • The USB interface supports DC +5V power supply;
  • The JTAG interface supports 1.2V~3.3V programming download;
  • The Max. speed can be up to 30Mbps for the JTAG interface.
  • LED power supply, download instructions;
  • Conform to RoHS standard.
Documents Download
Download tool Gowin FPGA Offline Programmer User Guide Download
Download Tool Offline Programmer Download
Download tool Offline Programmer Firmware_beta Download
Download tool Offline Programmer Firmware_Auto Download
Download tool Gowin FPGA Quad JTAG Interfaces Offline Programmer(OP720-4) Download
- Gowin FPGA SCH Symbol Download
- Minimum FPGA System SCH Download
- BSDL Download