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16 JTAG interface Offline Programmer


Offline programmer is a device that offline programs GW1N(R) chips. It has the features of data confidentiality, portability, multi-path programming, etc. It is suitable for rapidly large-volume production at the factory and is convenient for maintenance personnel to carry out. The offline programmer can simultaneously program sixteen FPGA devices, which greatly increases the mass production rate.
The offline programmer encrypts and saves the data using an AES-128 advanced encryption algorithm, and the key is saved after several times of encrypting. AES is a set of internationally recognized, commonly used and secure encryption standards that ensure securely delivering data.

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Download tool Gowin FPGA Sixteen JTAG Interfaces Offline Programmer User Guide Download
- Minimum FPGA System SCH Download
- Gowin FPGA SCH Symbol Download
- BSDL Download