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GOWIN MIPI DPHY TX RX IP applies to the display serial interface (DSI) and the camera serial interface (CSI), which is designed to receive and send pictures or video data. MIPI DPHY provides a physical layer definition.



  • In line with MIPI Alliance Standard for DPHY Specification, version 1.1.
  • Interfaces with MIPI CSI2 and DSI, RX, and TX devices.
  • Supports unidirectional high-speed (HS) mode.
  • Supports bidirectional low-power operation mode.
  • Deserializes and serializes high-speed data into byte data packets.
  • Supports MIPI DPHY TX 8:1 mode and 16:1 mode.
  • Supports MIPI DPHY RX 1:8 mode and 1:16 mode.
  • In HS mode, the line rate of the single channel port supports the range 80 Mb/s to 800 Mb/s.
  • Data transmission is maintained in LP mode at a speed of 10 Mb/s.


Note: Only GW1N-6K, GW1N-9K, and GW1NR-9K devices support MIPI DPHY 1:16 mode.


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Reference Design Gowin MIPI DPHY RXTX RefDsign
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