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SiPeed Tang Nano

The SiPeed Tang Nano is a low cost FPGA module equip with the GOWIN Semi GW1N FPGA part of the company’s LittleBee family. Everything is done through a USB-C cable with which the board is powered, and you can power download the bitstream. Programming can be done with GOWIN IDE available for Windows and Linux. 


Key Features:

FPGA – Gowin GW1N-1-LV FPGA with 1,152 LUT4, 864 Flip-Flops(FF), 72Kbit Block SRAM, 4x B-SRAM, 96Kbit user flash, 1x PLL, 4x I/O banks

System Memory – 64Mbit (8MB) 3.3V PSRAM

Display – Standard 40-pin RGB LCD interface with on-board screen backlight driver circuit (default normally open, EN pin can be connected to FPGA)

USB – USB Type-C port for download and power supply

Expansion – 34 I/O ports and power pins on headers (unpopulated), breadboard-compatible

Misc – RGB LED, 2x user buttons, 24MHz crystal oscillator

Power Supply – 5V via USB-C port (at least 400 mA)

Dimensions –  58.4 x 21.3 x 4.8 mm


Purchase from AliExpress at: