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DK-START-GW2A18 a[1649]

The DK-START-GW2A18 development board is ideal for high-speed data storage, high-speed communication testing, FPGA function evaluation, hardware reliability verification, and software learning and debugging.

The development board uses the GOWIN’s  GW2A-LV18PG256 FPGA device. Rich in internal resources such as high-performance DSP resources, high-speed LVDS interface and BSRAM memory resources, these embedded resources with a streamlined FPGA architecture and 55nm process make the GW2A series FPGA products suitable for high-speed and low-cost applications.

The development board is equipped with a 2Gb DDR3 chip; the maximum data rate of the 16-bit data bus is 1600MT/s.  Also, two Gigabit Ethernet interfaces are integrated to support 10M, 100M, 1000M Ethernet communication.  Additional external interfaces include LVDS interface, SD card holder and GPIO interface.  Lastly, an external FLASH chip, slide switch, push button switch, external clock and other resources are provided.



Documents Download
Demo DK-START-GW2A18_LED_Blink Download
User Guide DK-START-GW2A18 V1.0 Development Board User Guide Download
schematic DK-START-GW2A18_V1.0 schematic Download
schematic DK_START_GW2A18_V1.2_schematic Download
schematic DK-START-GW2A18_V2.0_schematic Download
Schematic GOWIN_FPGA_SCH_SYMBOL Download
User Guide DK-START-GW2A18 V2.0 Development Board User Guide Download