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Previous Name: DK-GoAI-GW2AR18QN88P_V1.1

  • Featuring the GW2AR-18-QN88P FPGA
    • 20,736-LUT4 FPGA
    • On-Chip Block-SRAM 828Kbit
    • 10x10mm QFN88 FPGA Package
  • PCB
    • OV2640 CAMERA
    • HDMI RX and HDMI TX
    • Internal 2x32Mbit PSRAM
    • On-Board 64Mbit SPI-FLASH
    • LED Indicator
    • OLED Display Connector
    • USB Programmer
    • DC5V è 3V、2.8V、2.5V、1.8V、1.2V、1.0V
    • PCB Size: 6cm x 6.6cm
Documents Download
Schematic DK-GoAI-GW2AR18QN88P_V1.1 SCH Download
User Guide DK-GoAI-GW2AR18QN88P_V1.1 User Guide Download
User Guide DK-GoAI-GW2AR18QN88P_V1.1 Development Board Quick Start Guide Download
- Minimum FPGA System SCH Download
- Gowin FPGA SCH Symbol Download
- BSDL Download
- GoAI 2.0 Quick Start Guide Download
User Guide DK_GoAI_GW2AR-LV18QN88PC8I7_V1.1 Development Board User Guide Download
Schematic DK_GoAI_GW2AR-LV18QN88PC8I7_V1.1 SCH Download