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Documentation Database

Previous Name: DK-GoAI-GW1NSR4C_QN48P_V2.2



The features of the development board are as follows:

  1. FPGA
    • EQFP144 package
    • Up to 38 user I/O
    • Embedded flash, data not easily lost if power down
    • Abundant LUT4 resources
    • Multiple modes and capacities of B-SRAM
  2. FPGA Configuration Modes
    • JTAG
  3. Power
    • External USB 5V
  4. Clock resource
    • 27MHz Clock Crystal Oscillator
  5. LED
    • One power indicator (green)
    • 1 LEDs (green)
  6. Memory
    • 256Kbits embedded Flash
    • 64Mbits external SPI FLASH
  7. HDMI(TX)Interface
    • 4 pairs of HDMI output, one pair of clock and three pairs of data
  8. Camera
    • 24pin FPC connector with 5mm pitch is used.
  9. Mic
    • 2 Mic
  10. 2 Accelerometer
    • 1 Accelerometer
  11. DC-DC Power
    • 3 V, 2.8V, 2.5V, 1.8V,1.2V supported
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