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Documentation Database

The DK-BLE-CEIT-ASSEM Development Kit is comprised of BLE module containing the GW1NRF-4 Bluetooth enabled µSoC FPGA along with a carrier board to quickly start developing applications. The
GW1NRF-4 is the first device of its kind to offer a Bluetooth Low Energy 5.0 transceiver, a 32-bit ARC processor to hold the Bluetooth LE software stack as well as user applications and a 4.6k LUT of FPGA fabric for IO expansion, interfacing, parallel and accelerated gate array computing.


The GW1NRF-LV4MOD/CEIT Bluetooth LE 5.0 module contains the GW1NRF-4 µSoC FPGA, radio antenna, and appropriate passives. The DK_BLE_CARRIER_INIT board provides a breakout of FPGA and microcontroller IO, LEDs for power and GPIO and an FTDI FT232H USB to JTAG device for easy programming.


Documents Download
User Guide GW1NRF_Getting_Started_v1 (zip) Download
User Guide Gowin DK-BLE-CEIT-ASSEM Development Kit User Guide Download
Datasheet GW1NRF-LV4MOD CEIT Datasheet Download
User Guide Gowin GW1NRF Getting Started Guide Download
- Gowin FPGA SCH Symbol Download
- Minimum FPGA System SCH Download
- BSDL Download