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GW2AR18_工作區域 1

DK-START-GW2AR18 adopts the GW2AR-18 device. 64Mbit PSRAM is embedded in this device. The GW2AR series of FPGA products are the first generation products of the Arora® family. They offer one form of SIP chip. The main difference between the GW2A series and the GW2AR series is that the GW2AR series integrates abundant memories. The GW2AR series also provides high-performance DSP resources, a high-speed LVDS interface, and abundant BSRAM resources. These embedded resources in combination with a streamlined FPGA architecture with 55nm process make the GW2AR series of FPGA products suitable for high-speed and low-cost applications.

The development board offers abundant external interfaces, including LVDS interfaces, GPIO interfaces, slide switches, key switches, LED, reset, clock resources, etc

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Demo DK-START-GW2AR18-LED_Blink Download
User Guide DK-START-GW2AR18 User Guide Download
Schematic DK-START-GW2AR18_schematic Download
Schematic GOWIN_FPGA_SCH_SYMBOL Download
User Guide DK-START-GW2AR18 Development BoardQuick Start User Guide Download
Schematic GOWIN_FPGA_SCH_SYMBOL Download