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The GW1NZ-ZV offers an ultra-low power ash based FPGA in the GOWIN LittleBee product family.  At <28μW the GW1NZ-ZV consumes the lowest static power consumption of any ash based FPGA to date making it great for always-on and always-monitoring applications.  As part of the LittleBee family, the GW1NZ-ZV offers instant-on, embedded non-volatile ash, security and flexible package options.  The device is widely used in edge and IoT applications for communication, industry control, consumer, and video products.  GOWIN supports the GW1NZ series of FPGA products through a full FPGA software development suite including synthesis, place and route, as well as bitstream generation and device programming.



  • Ultra low  power consumption

 - 55nm embedded flash technology

 - <28μW static power consumption

 - Supports 0.9V core voltage


  • Power Management Module

-SPMI: System power management interface 

 - VCC and VCCM are independent in the device


  • User Flash

-Dynamically turns on and off 

-64K bits - Data Width: 32

 - 10,000 write cycles

 - Greater than ten years' data retention at +85 ℃

 - Supports page erasure: 2048 bytes per page

 - Duration: Max. 25ns - Electric current


  • Multiple I/O Standards

-LVCMOS33/25/18/15/12;LVTTL33; PCI;


 - Input hysteresis option

 - Supports 4mA,8mA,16mA,24mA,etc. drive options

 - Slew Rate option - Output drive strength option

 - Individual Bus Keeper, Weak Pull-up, Weak Pull-down, and Open Drain option

 - Hot Socket - I3C hard core, supports SDR mode

 - Support differential output, rather than differential input.


  • Block SRAM with multiple modes

-Supports Dual Port, Single Port, and Semi Dual Port

 - Supports bytes write enable


  • Flexible PLLs

-Frequency adjustment (multiply and division) and phase adjustment

 - Supports global clock 


  • Built-in Flash programming

 - Instant-on

 - Supports security bit operation

 - Supports AUTO BOOT and DUAL BOOT 


  • Configuration

 - JTAG configuration

 - Offers up to six GowinCONFIG configuration modes:  AUTOBOOT, SSPI, MSPI, CPU, SERIAL, DUAL BOOT