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  Title Category Doc No. Version Released Format
Gowin FPGA Programming and Configuration User Guide User Guide UG290 2.3E 07/02/2021 PDF
Gowin User Flash User Guide User Guide UG295 1.1E 12/01/2021 PDF
GW1NZ series of FPGA Products Schematic Manual User Guide UG293 1.0E 18/09/2020 PDF
GW1NS & GW1NSR & GW1NSE & GW1NSER series of FPGA Products Schematic ManualGW1NS & GW1NSR & GW1NSE & GW1NSER series of FPGA Products Schematic Manual** User Guide UG292 1.0E 18/09/2020 PDF
SMT Assembly Process Recommendations** User Guide TN660 1.2E 24/02/2020 PDF
Gowin Device Internal User Flash JTAG Programming Guide(Only for GW1N-1&GW1N-1S) User Guide TN700 1.1E 23/07/2019 PDF
Gowin FPGA-based DDR2&DDR3 Hardware Design Reference Manual User Guide TN662 1.1E 29/01/2019 PDF
Gowin HCLK User Guide** User Guide TN658 1.1E 24/08/2018 PDF
MIPI Interface Matching Solutions Based on GOWINSEMI FPGA** User Guide TN100 1.0E 24/08/2018 PDF
GW1N-4 FPGA Download DUAL BOOT Program User Guide TN101 1.0E 24/08/2018 PDF
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