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Gowin CORDIC IP mainly implements calculation of sin, cos, arctan, mutual conversion between polar and rectangular coordinates, and vector rotation.



  • Optional arc, angle mode, angle range (-90°, 90°), arc range (-π/2,
  • When we select VECTOR mode, input xi and yi value are less than or equal to 0.858, when we carry the polar coordinate to the right angle coordinates, the value of input xi is less than or equal to 1.214;
  • The reset mode is synchronous reset;
  • The bit widths of input x, y and theta are 17 bits.
  • There are three implementation methods: COMBINATORIAL, ITERATIVE, and PIPELINE. COMBINATORIAL is solved in one cycle when a lot of logic is consumed. ITERATIVE mode consumes less logic but has long clock latency. PIPELINE starts with longer clock latency but can then produce results every clock cycle.
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Reference Design Gowin CORDIC RefDesign Download
RN521-1.0E Gowin Complex Multiplier Release Note Download
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