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The GW1NR-4 series of FPGA products are the first generation products in the LittleBee® family and represent one form of SIP chip.The main difference between the GW1N series and the GW1NR series is that the GW1NR series integrates abundant pSRAM. The GW1NR series also provides low power consumption, instant on, low cost, non-volatile, high security, various packages, and flexible usage.


The development board offers JTAG interfaces, GPIO interfaces, key switches, a clock, LEDs, and digital display tubes etc., all of which are useful for both developers and hobbyists alike.


Documents Download
Demo EVAL-pSRAM-GW1NR4LED_blink_test Download
DBUG356-1.0E EVAL-pSRAM-GW1NR4 User Guide Download