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The development board uses GW2AR series FPGA GW2AR-18
products, which is the first generation products of Gowin Arora ® family. GW2AR-18 series FPGA products are one kind of SIP chip. Compared
with GW2A series, the difference is that GW2AR series integrates 64Mbit SDRAM. GW2A series also provides high-performance DSP resources, high-speed LVDS interface, and abundant BSRAM memory resources. These embedded resources with a streamlined FPGA architecture and 55nm process make GW2AR series FPGA products suitable for high-speed and low-cost applications, which can help users quickly design and develop the programmable logic products.
Integrated with two Ethernet interfaces, the development board
provides a hardware development and test platform for LED users with abundant GPIO resource. Besides that, the development board also offers slide switch, key switch, clock, and GPIO, which can be used by developers or hobbyists.