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  Title Category Doc No. Version Released Format
RN656-1.0E_LVDS7 1 RX LVDS4 1 TX Reference Design Release Note Release Note RN656 1.0E 21/09/2018 PDF
RN657-1.0E_LVDS7_1 LCD Driver Controller Release Note Release Note RN657 1.0E 21/09/2018 PDF
SMT Assembly Process Recommendations User Guide TN660-1.0E 1.0E 10/09/2018 PDF
Gowin HCLK User Guide User Guide TN658-1.1E 1.1E 07/09/2018 PDF
Gowin LVDS7_1 RX LVDS4_1 TX Reference User Guide TN656-1.0E 1.0E 07/09/2018 PDF
Gowin LVDS7_1 LCD Driver Controller User Guide TN657-1.00 1.0E 07/09/2018 PDF
IPUG105-1.03E Gowin FIFO User Guide-Preliminary User Guide IPUG105-1.03E 1.03E 24/08/2018 PDF
UG290-1.04E_Gowin FPGA Products Programming and Configuration Guide User Guide UG290-1.04E 1.04E 24/08/2018 PDF
DS102-1.2E_GW2A series of FPGA Products Data Sheet Data Sheet DS102-1.2E 1.2E 03/08/2018 PDF
DS226-1.3E_GW2AR series of FPGA Products Data Sheet Data Sheet DS226-1.3E 1.3E 03/08/2018 PDF
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